Best New Gaming Monitors 2012 – 2013

Looking for a gaming monitor with the right specifications? This post features the top 10 best rated monitors for PC gaming in 2013 according to value and technical details. All monitors feature a response time of 3ms or less, are full high definition, and are highly rated among gamers and entertainment enthusiasts. Categories for this post include the 5 best 27 inch and 23-24 inch PC monitors. If you’d like to see a simple specification comparison chart rather than a review of each monitor, then see our “gaming monitors” tab above.

Top 5 27 Inch Gaming Monitors 2013

Samsung S27A350H 27-Inch LED Monitor Review

*Wider Viewing Angle

Pros: The Samsung S27A350H has a crystal clear picture that looks incredible in 1920 x 1080 resolution (DCR 1,000,000:1). Games like Battlefield Bad Company 2 feel bigger on such a large monitor. It has virtually blur-free motion with a GTG response time of 2ms and it uses 40% less energy than standard LCD monitors. Samsung’s MagicAngle is a plus if you lean back a lot while gaming and it’s tilt adjustable (0 – 20°) so that you can position is where it’s most comfortable. The ultra-slim fit design makes it easy-to-fit and very attractive for your gaming room.

Cons: This monitor is slightly more expensive than other TN panel LED monitors in its category. For the price we would have liked to see a warranty longer than the standard 1 year parts and labor. Another downside is that this monitor includes a VGA and HDMI connector but not a DVI-D. If you need the DVI-D connector, then consider purchasing a HDMI to DVI-D cable.

Viewsonic VX2753MH-LED 27-Inch Computer Monitor Review

*Perfect Mix of Value/Specifications

Pros: The Viewsonic VX2753MH-LEDis a new release LED monitor that few gamers have heard about, yet. You won’t find better than its 1ms response time and a dynamic contrast ratio of 30,000,000:1 with 1080p full high definition gives you unprecedented detail and clarity. It comes with 2w x 2 internal speakers which while not necessary for gaming are certainly handy for light browsing and standard use. The monitor is glossy which makes it easy to clean and it comes with an anti-glare coating which minimizes most of the glare that comes from using it in a well-lit room. One understated benefit of purchasing a Viewsonic monitor is that they come with a standard 3 year parts and labor warranty with Viewsonic’s industry leading Pixel Performance Guarantee. Connectors include 2 HDMI and a single VGA.

Bookstand Option

A really cool feature for the VX2753MH-LED is the bookstand option which allows you to remove the base and simply tilt the neck back. This is a nice feature if you have a taller desk and would like to see the monitor at eye level. Viewsonic included this in the design to allow versatility and portability as it’s easy enough to put the neck back up and carry it to a LAN party with its reduced weight (around 10 pounds).

Cons: The VX2753MH-LED is not height adjustable (it is tilt Down -5°, Up 20°) although the bookstand option helps with this if you’re trying to lower it. No DVI.

ViewSonic VA2702W 27-Inch Full HD 1080p Widescreen LCD Monitor Review

Best Value/For the Money

Pros: If you’re looking for an inexpensive 27 inch monitor option the Viewsonic VA2702W is our choice for best value/for the money gaming monitor. It’s not an LED monitor but it does include an ECO mode which allows you to save an additional 35% of power. You won’t notice much of a difference between the 3ms response time for this monitor and the other monitors we feature and other specifications like full high definition 1920×1080 resolution, with a standard contrast ratio of 1200:1 still give you an incredible picture. You can also mount the VA2702W as it has 100mm x 100mm VESA mount compatibility. A 3 year warranty with ViewSonic’s Pixel Performance Guarantee also comes with the purchase.

Cons: It’s hard to complain about a monitor that has so many features for such a low price. If we had one complaint it would be that the VA2702W doesn’t have an HDMI connector. If you need one, then be sure to pick up a DVI to HDMI cable.

ASUS VE276Q 27-Inch Wide (16:9) 2ms Response Time Display Port LCD Monitor

Customer Choice Award Winning

Pros: The Asus VE276Q is a reliable monitor that has loads of positive customer reviews from multiple manufacturers. It has a solid 2ms response time, is full high definition, and 100,000 :1 Asus Smart Contrast Ratio.

Versatile Connectivity

One of the best features of the VE276Q is its included versatility. It comes with DisplayPort, DVI-D, D-Sub, and HDMI connectors. Other features include 2 x 3W built-in speakers, 170°(H) / 160°(V), Tilt adjustment, and a 3 year parts and labor warranty.

Cons: In this same price range there are several affordable new LED monitor options and the stand only has a slight tilt to it.

ViewSonic VX2739WM 27-Inch 1920×1080 Full HD Monitor

1ms Response Time

The Viewsonic VX2739WM was the first 27 inch LCD monitor to have a 1 ms response time. It’s enjoyed unprecedented popularity and has limited availability at this time.  If you can get it for around $300, then go ahead and grab it. Specifications include D-Sub, DVI, HDMI connectors, 1200:1 contrast ratio, 1920 x 1080 resolution, VESA MOUNT 200mm x 100mm compliant, and 2 x 2W built in speakers.It comes with Viewsonic’s 3 year warranty and Pixel performance guarantee.

Top 5 23 – 24″ Gaming Monitors 2013

Samsung PX2370 23-Inch LED Monitor

Ultra Thin Design – Unbelievable Picture

Pros: If you’re looking for a 23-24 inch gaming monitor, then the Samsung PX2370 should be at the very top of your radar. The design features Samsung’s ultra-thin touch of color look. The incredible picture is bolstered by its specifications which include a 2ms response time, 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and 1920 x 1080 resolution and it’s one of the best overall in quality we’ve seen on a TN panel monitor. Connectors include DVI and HDMI and the PX2370 also comes with a 3 year parts and labor warranty.

Cons: Not height adjustable – may need some calibration.

Overall: We’ve seen the PX 2370 on sale several times in the last few months and is cheapest now on Amazon for just under $240. It’s probably not the cheapest available in this size but we feel it’s worth the small premium you pay.

ASUS VG236H 23-Inch 120 Hz 3D Ready Panel Monitor with nVidia 3D Vision Kit

Best Rated 3D Gaming Monitor

The Asus VG236H gives you a better looking picture in 2D and 3D with its 120HZ refresh rate, 100,000:1 contrast ratio, 2ms response time, and full high definition picture. Additional specifications include DVI-D, Component(YPbPr), HDMI connectors, 400 cd/m2 brightness, 16.7 million colors, 1920 x 1080 resolution, and a 3 year parts and labor warranty.


Other than the great picture the VG236H is super easy to adjust and is Height, Swivel, and Tilt adjustable.

Overall: Overall the VG236H is one of the better 3D gaming monitors available. The included 3D vision kit, which is normally over $150 when purchased separately, makes this monitor a good overall value.

Viewsonic VX2453MH-LED 24-Inch Ultra-thin Widescreen LED Monitor

The 24 inch version of the Viesonic VX2753MH-LED which we reviewed above. It has similar specifications and also includes a bookstand option.

Technical Details:

2ms response time, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 250 cd/m2 brightness, dynamic contrast ratio 30,000,000:1, D-Sub, 2 x HDMI, tilt adjustable Down 5°, Up 20°, and integrated speakers.

ASUS ML248H 24-Inch 1920×1080 LED Monitor

Ring Stand – Best Value

The Asus ML248H combines great value and specifications. Another feature is its ring stand (a positive for some and negative for others). The ringstand makes this monitor easier than ever to adjust.

Technical Details:

2ms response time, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 250 cd/m2 brightness, Asus Smart Contrast Ratio ASCR 10,000,000:1, D-Sub, HDMI connectors, and a 3 year parts and labor warranty.

Overall: The ML248H is probably the most inexpensive 24 inch LED 2ms gaming monitor that you’ll come across and it’s still gotten great reviews.

Samsung P2450H 24-Inch Widescreen Touch of Color LCD Monitor

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