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Best 3D PC Monitors 2012 – 2013 120 Hertz Displays

best 3d monitors

3D gaming has become more popular than ever as the availability of 3D games in most video game genres continues to expand. Whether gaming in 2D or 3D you’ll appreciate the smoothness that comes by having a 120 hertz refresh rate monitor. In this post we’ll take a look at the best 120 hertz 3D gaming monitors available for 2011 from Acer, Asus, Samsung, LG, Viewsonic and Planar. Acer HN274H BMIIID 3D 27-Inch LED Monitor Pros: The Acer HN274H is a new 3D led Gaming monitor which is one of the better overall gaming displays in 2011 for both 2D … Continue Reading

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Best Low Input Lag Gaming Monitors 2012 – 2013


If you’re playing time sensitive video games, then your monitors input lag is perhaps the most important consideration for choosing the right gaming monitor. Input lag is the difference between the time it takes for a signal to be sent to your monitor and the time it is actually displayed. The difficulty with this is that most monitor manufacturers don’t readily advertise the input lag that your monitor has in their specifications. Rather, they focus on the response time, which is the time that it takes for a pixel to go from black to white and back again.This specification is … Continue Reading

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Samsung Gaming Monitor Review 2012 – 2013

Samsung 3D Monitor

Best Samsung Monitors for Gaming Samsung is known for their quality electronics and most especially their televisions and monitors. In this post we’ll review the 4 best rated Samsung monitors for PC gaming. Samsung S27A950D Review A 27 Inch 3D Gaming Monitor to Be Proud of: 3D gaming isn’t cheap, but if you have the extra cash, then you’ll want to purchase the right monitor. There are 2 highly rated 27 inch 3D gaming monitors this year that you should consider, the Samsung S27A950D and the Acer HN274H BMIIID. Smooth, Detailed, and Accurate Picture These days you should expect that … Continue Reading

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IPS Panel Monitors Vs. TN Panel Monitors for Gaming

Dell UltraSharp IPS monitor

In your search for the top gaming monitor you may have come across someone talking about why they’d purchase an IPS panel, TN panel, or vice versa. TN or twisted nematic panels are used for most consumers because they are less expensive, more energy efficient, and have lower response times which allow them to have smooth video and gaming sequences. TN panel monitors are generally not used for photo editing because they only use 6 bits per RGB color for a total of 18 bits. In order to produce the full 16.7 million colors available for “true color” dithering is … Continue Reading

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Best 27-inch PC Monitor 2013

Best 27 gaming monitor

Monitors are all the same, right? After all they are all used to view whatever it is you are doing on your computer. There can’t be anything that special about them and I should be able to use any of them to do whatever I want with good results. While this may have been the case several years ago, it is not the case by a long shot today. Modern computer monitors are technologically advanced pieces of hardware that, depending on the specifications, can give you an outstanding computing experience or a crummy one. This is most apparent with monitors … Continue Reading

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Best LCD Gaming Monitors 2011-2012

Best LCD Gaming Computer Monitor

While it’s true that most new release monitors are LED backlit liquid crystal displays (LCD) there are still many great fluorescent – lit LCD monitors available which have the specifications that gamers are looking for. While LED backlit monitors have certainly come down in price, the main advantage to buying an LCD monitor online is still to get the same specifications as a more expensive LED monitor for a cheaper price. In this post we’ll list and review the top ten best rated LCD gaming monitors and give you a comparison chart so you can easily compare prices for these … Continue Reading


Best LED/LCD Monitors for Gaming 2012 – 2013

Best LED Gaming Monitors

This post will review the top LED monitors in 2011 built specifically with gaming or entertainment use in mind. If you’re looking for a LED monitor for standard home or office use, then be sure to check out this article on the bestselling LED monitors of 2013. LED vs. LCD If you work long hours on the computer each day at work (like we do) and then like to game at night, then you’ve most likely experienced the eye strain associated with excessive computer use. The¬†fluorescent¬†backlighting that’s used in standard LCD monitors is much harder on your eyes than what … Continue Reading

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Best New Gaming Monitors 2012 – 2013

best gaming monitors 2011

Looking for a gaming monitor with the right specifications? This post features the top 10 best rated monitors for PC gaming in 2013 according to value and technical details. All monitors feature a response time of 3ms or less, are full high definition, and are highly rated among gamers and entertainment enthusiasts. Categories for this post include the 5 best 27 inch and 23-24 inch PC monitors. If you’d like to see a simple specification comparison chart rather than a review of each monitor, then see our “gaming monitors” tab above. Top 5 27 Inch Gaming Monitors 2013 Samsung S27A350H … Continue Reading

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